UN Online Volunteers

UNV’s Online Volunteering (OV) service connects development organizations and volunteers over the Internet and supports their effective online collaboration.

It gives development organizations access to a broader pool of knowledge and resources to enhance their capacities, while it offers individuals worldwide additional opportunities to volunteer for development and contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

The OV service enabled 1,347 non-profit development organizations in 2009(CSOs, government institutions, academic institutions, United Nations organizations) to benefit from the support of almost 9,500 individuals from 182 countries (53% women, 62% from developing countries) who:

  • Provide technical expertise (e.g. advice on waste disposal, contract drafting)
  • Support project and resources management (e.g. project planning, volunteers management)
  • Contribute to knowledge management (e.g. data collection, database development)
  • Facilitate communication and networking (e.g. newsletters production and translation, moderation of online discussion groups)

If you are interested in volunteering online, your first stop should be UNV's Online Volunteering service at


Note to UN Volunteer applicants: UNV online applications or rosters are NOT accessible through the Online Volunteering.


For questions about your registration in the UNV database of candidates, please consult the UNV website, Frequently Asked Questions page.