National UN Volunteers

The first two international UNV volunteers arrived in Nepal in 1974 to take up assignments as nutritionists with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Since then many others have followed. In fact, hundreds of national and international UN Volunteers have served in Nepal with a whole range of host organizations and projects to support the country's socio-economic development delivering technical expertise in sectors as diverse as climatology, cottage industry promotion, cultural heritage and community mobilization.

National UN Volunteers serve in their own country within a UN organization. Would you like to become a National UN Volunteer in Nepal? Please visit the vacancies page to check for openings.

National UN Volunteers in Nepal

National UN Volunteers at UNV/LGCDP Orientation 

Eight National UN Volunteers are working as ICT Experts on the Local Governance and Community Development Programme. To view more photos from their orientation training, please click here.