Youth and MDGs

UNV Nepal have launched the new Youth and post-2015 pillar on our website, as we believe, youth is a powerful force in the development processes of the country.


Here, we want to give an overview of youth issues in Nepal and from around the world, explore the Millennium Development Goals, and inform how individuals can influence the new post-2015 agenda setting.  


As world leaders are currently discussing the post-2015 development agenda, we aim to inform youth how to get their voice heard and join the debate. The new framework will affect youth around the globe, as it will set the guidelines for future government policies and spending on social and economic development.


 It is crucial that we engage the young decision makers of tomorrow in the development decisions of today.


A way for youth to join in and contribute to the discussion is the online platform MY World. MY World is a survey by the United Nations and its partners. It aims to ask people across the world to choose their priorities for a better world. The results will be shared with world leaders and help set the next global development agenda.


UNV Nepal also aim to further foster the spirit of youth volunteerism around the country through this website and our work in Nepal. Volunteerism is one powerful way for youth to engage in the development process. It gives them the opportunity to gain a strong sense of civic engagement and brings about positive transformational change in their communities.