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“Volunteering Matters”

Dear Colleagues,

As you may know the important day for us is coming near…… IVD! 5th December, International Volunteer Day. We celebrate this day to give more importance on volunteerism and the contribution of volunteers in the world. This year especially UNV HQ has  prepared a campaign “Volunteering Matters”. Please read the details and join us!!!!

Your participation will help to light up brighter Nepal on the interactive map!!!

Please visit the link http://volunteeringmatters.unv.org/ to participate.

Most Compelling Volunteering Matters Photo Contest 2011 (procedure to participate)

  • Welcome to the Most Compelling Volunteering Matters photo 2011 contest! We are looking for photos in response to a weekly question about how you view and experience the power of volunteer action.
  • All images submitted correctly will be displayed on this webpage. By 10:00 GMT on 6 December, the UNV Campaign Team will select the three most compelling photos sent in response to each weekly question.
  • The 18 selected finalist photos will be posted on the UNV Facebook page (www.facebook.com/unvolunteers) and fans will be asked to vote for their favorite.
  • The photo with the most likes by 10:00 GMT on 7 December will win the title of: Most Compelling Volunteering Matters Photo 2011, and will become the UNV Facebook profile picture for 2012.
  • The 18 finalist photos will be selected for their originality, composition, storytelling, overall impact, and artistic merit.
  • Photo submissions must include the photographer’s full name, the country where the photo was taken and a short description (caption) including the place and date (month/year) where each photo was taken.
  • Please submit images as JPG or TIFF files. Files should not exceed 3 megabyte. Images can be in colour, black and white or both.
  • Every photo correctly entered will be uploaded, once it has been reviewed by a moderator to a dedicated flicker page specifying the photographer’s name and the corresponding caption.

You can also check latest news and event info on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/IYV10-Nepal/181306308592696.