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UNV Nepal

The UNV Headquarters is based in Bonn (Germany) and in each country there are UNV Field Units (FU) as focal point of each country representing UNV.

The role of UNV Nepal is multi-faceted. One of the key functions is to develop a network with government, UN agencies and non-governmental organizations – anywhere where volunteers are requested or placed.

In addition, UNV Nepal develops new volunteer-based projects and very importantly promotes volunteerism liaising with volunteer sending agencies and relevant civil society institutions.

UNV Nepal also helps to ensure that UN Volunteers efforts are maximized. In this respect, UNV Nepal office prepares and provides briefing and orientation for UN Volunteers as well as their supervisors. Establishing a close relationship with the ‘host organization’ and the UNV supervisor is also particularly important, as is supporting and monitoring the UNV post development.

UNV Nepal also supports UNDP and other UN agencies’ projects and programmes at country level.


UNV Nepal Field Unit

  • Programme Officer: Ms. Martina Voss
  • Programme Assistant: Ms. Ranjita Upadhyay