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CDLF 2018: Promotion of Youth Volunteerism for the SDGs in Nepal

UNV promotes capacity development and learning for UN Volunteers as one of the key elements of strengthening the volunteer experience and facilitating the impact of volunteer assignments. Aligned with this purpose, the Capacity Development and Learning Facility (CDLF) provides UN Volunteers with the opportunity to take part in innovative capacity development and learning events.
With the theme “Participatory training on promotion of youth volunteerism for the SDGs”, the overall aim of the CDLF training was to equip UN Volunteers with knowledge and skills to actively promote and mainstream youth volunteerism for the SDGs in Nepal.

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  1. Jyoti balmiki says

    I m lab teach student n wanna work with u all

  2. Sumina says

    I wanna join your team????.

  3. Sumina says

    I wanna join your team???? and wanna Travel and work together

  4. Anju Das says

    Good job and me too interested in these kind of job.

  5. JamesCot says

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  6. Lazmee Pokhrel says

    I’m a law student
    I would love to volunteer in UN. ????

  7. Lazmee Pokhrel says

    I’m a law student
    I would love to work in UN????

  8. Lazmee Pokhrel says

    Hello I’m a law student
    Can i volunteer

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