UNV Nepal

Become a UN Volunteer

As a UN Volunteer you have the extraordinary opportunity to create beneficial change and have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Your role as a UN Volunteer is that of both facilitator and catalyst. UNV encourages yo u to be creative and entrepreneurial in finding ways todevelop capacity and to promote and foster volunteerism for peace and development – both within and beyond the formal framework of your assignment.

Ultimately, if development is to be effective and sustainable, the people affected by it must take ownership of its processes and drive them forward. Indeed, the SDGs can only be achieved if millions of people around the world voluntarily mobilize to achieve them. Your actions as a UN Volunteer can also inspire others to volunteer and to believe that they too can make a contribution towards peace and development.

UN Volunteers come from around 160 countries and many more cultural backgrounds, and thanks to this wide variety of perspectives they bring a range of experiences, expectations and approaches. This diversity gives their work a particular dynamism.

UN Volunteers are thus part of a global, cumulative effort that integrates volunteerism as a core contribution to peace and development which is at the core of UNV’s mission.